What We Delivered

Tucked away on quiet cul-de-sac, this compact and cozy bungalow allows for a fantastic play of pattern and color.

The biggest challenge for this particular project was utilizing every ounce of space in the most efficient way, while trying to still maintain an open presence. The classic floorplan was something we wanted to update, while still affording the client the ability to feel like they didn’t need to be constantly chasing trends.

A lot of key, intentional color choices were made while still keeping to a rather neutral palette. A solid mix of hard and soft materials were hand-selected, and the textures of all the upholstery were specifically chosen to reimagine a home that has been loved and lived in over the past decade.

Unique patterns and custom art was selected to help loosen-up the limited wall space, as well as showcasing their varied tastes in art and family documentation.

More modern choices we decided upon were worked around some of the client’s sentimental pieces. This helped to rejuvenate the entire space, while holding true to how this family naturally uses every last inch of their home.

Amidst all the improvements and additions, the classic outline was kept intact, without causing the overall vibe of the space to feel too crowded or fussy.

Project Year

Spring of 2016


6 months