What We Delivered

A large house on the edges of a rural Ohio backdrop; the setting of "casual elegance".

Prior to starting, we asked ourselves a tough question: “How does one humanize the typical two-story space found in so many houses in suburban America?”

The beginning of this multi-phase project started with creating the clients’ dream-kitchen they always wanted. The overall objective was to create a bright, light-and-airy space that would still facilitate as much storage capacity as possible for a client with an affinity for kitchen gadgetry, as any ‘pampered chef’.

When storage is an absolute must, intelligent placement of cabinetry – while still giving a lived-in, comfortable look – is key to the success of any great kitchen.

Throughout the rest of the home, purposeful selection of color and material were made with the foresight of future homeowners in mind. Elements were selected to have mass appeal while still feeling like a home that had always belonged to the current residents. To add personal charm, family vignettes and sentimental objects were artfully positioned throughout the other living spaces to bring balance to the cohesive aesthetic in a comfortable, but specific, manner.

The Suburban Retreat project is a tailored example of how to take a homeowners items and create a project larger than the sum of its parts.

Project Year

Spring of 2017


4 months