Nistenhaus is the solution to a question we are constantly asking ourselves; how can we provide meaningful design at the level of service that is unique to each client?

Creating a comfortable haven for clients is at the core of Nistenhaus' values. Our success is measured through the ability of providing a joyous and thoughtful design, tailored to the personality and requirements of the person inhabiting the space.

Services Offered

Architectural Solutions
Technical support for execution of custom design solutions from concept to creation
Creation of any conceptual and technical materials to help in the facilitation of the overall design intent
Project Management
Acting as Advocates on behalf of both the Client and the Trades for a project; bridging the gap for project goals and solutions
Kitchen & Bath Designs
Examining all solutions of creating functional spaces in crucial parts of the home
Color Consults & Material Selections
Matching color, creating cohesive color palettes, and/or coordinating all of the above with textures, patterns and materials.
Curated Vignettes
Creating a personal statement about your space on walls, shelves or tables using pieces drawn from your own collections as well as other well-curated elements.
Seasonal/Holiday Decor
Dressing up your home for the holidays to give the space that extra festive, seasonal cheer!

Say hello to your team

Every piece of this puzzle is integral to the overall success of your project. Meet the team that officially makes up Nistenhaus.

Justin Maine

Principal Designer / Co-Owner

Justin holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from Kent State University, where upon graduation in 2007 he began practicing in the profession near his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. His initial focus had him immersed in the field of commercial and healthcare services. After his arrival to Saint Louis, he honed his craft in residential work, primarily working on architectural interiors, and creating well-crafted environments for affluent clients in St. Louis. With Nistenhaus, he looks forward to applying his knowledge and skills to a farther reaching audience, while maintaining the quality he knows everyone deserves to enjoy.

Michael Wyrock

Principal Designer / Co-Owner

Mike holds two Masters Degrees from Washington University in St. Louis, both in Architecture and Urban Design. After completing his schooling, he transitioned into a non-traditional role as designer in furniture sales with an emphasis on interior design. The past five years have resulted in a variety of projects and a surprising array of clients, that have included a range of urban to suburban, and young professionals to families. This venture is a continuation of the work he has been fostering within a retail setting, but will allow his creativity to reach a wider depth and greater audience.

Shelly Goodman

Office Manager / Design Associate

Megan Palmisano

Schematics Coordinator / Design Associate

Bruce Shoults

Trade & Sales Coordinator

Katie Adams

Sales Associate

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