What We Delivered

A colorful and playful, yet sophisticated, update that reflects the homeowner's groovy personality.

This homeowner’s keen love of the psychedelic, animated flair of 80s and 90s cartoons had some part to play in the overall color scheme that you see. It is rare to find a client who often is so interested in color and the exuberant use of it throughout, that it becomes more of a balance of finding a way to still provide potency to the strong array that is displayed. Lighting often has the biggest part to play in not only showcasing artwork, but also allowing for the true engagement of a strong color palette that allows for the brightest of reds to ignite, and the coolest of blues to respond to the mellowest of grooves coming from the vintage Paragon speaker cabinet. 

With such a healthy mix of art and furniture collection throughout the years, our job with this space was to inject other modern silhouettes that allowed for a pleasant conversation amongst the old and the new pieces. The end result of this balancing act is a play between a hard rock ballad and a sonnet by Beethoven, both mixing to create a colorful and engaging environment for a truly eclectic inhabitant.

Project Year

Summer of 2021


8 months