What We Delivered

A stylish nod toward the home-owner's love of New Orleans with a dash of drama in contrasting black and gold.

This historic neighborhood truly influenced the aesthetics of this well-appointed workspace. With the owner having an affinity for the New Orleans flair, the design cues became clear for a deep, moody palette of wood finishes, graphic patterns, and warm hues of brass, amber, and copper. Due to the nature of this being both a kitchen and an entry point to the home, great care was placed in making the space inviting, while also trying not to compromise the overall storage capabilities and workflow for everyday life. 

Although the floor plan was not dramatically changed in the design process, there was a sensitive massaging of walls and elements to provide effective placement of cabinetry throughout and a true engagement of the tall ceilings with the double-stacked cabinets and additional flourish of art lighting to introduce a soft and inviting glow. This becomes the perfect space for a Mardi Gras extravaganza, or just a simple night with a charcuterie board.

Project Year

Winter of 2020


1 year