What We Delivered

Quickly creating a personalized style and comfortable home for a new city transplant. And it all started with a chair.

Most transplants in a new city just want to get situated and feel at home as quickly as possible. That’s exactly what we sought to accomplish in the case of this lofty apartment.

We wanted to help this client cultivate a style all their own. As someone coming straight out of college and moving to a new town states away from where they call home, it was important that we help foster a direction that felt uniquely youthful, masculine with just a hint of accomplishment.

Leaning into the already-present eclectic finishes of this apartment, the exposed brick became the starting point for this style overhaul. Many of the selections were based on stock items from local retailers. When woven in with vintage pieces and polished options that were carefully chosen to reflect this client’s desire for professionalism, the final product became a space that is great for entertaining and showing off one’s new trappings.

Use of simple materials and color kept this project modern, polished and clean. A lot of the selections utilized were centered around the quilted chair as the focal point in the space. This apartment was often tight on space, so the goal was to lay it out in a manner that made it feel much larger than its actual footprint.

Project Year

Fall of 2016


4 months