What We Delivered

A stepping stone into the next chapter for a homeowner looking to create new memories with a fresh look.

Masculine patterns and colors were chosen for the refresh of a client’s beloved home to create a moody, lounge appearance that still allows for cozy and intimate gatherings.

The existing upholstered furniture had a very special meaning to this client. If it could be reused or re-imagined, it was shifted to new areas throughout the house, as needed. The use of luxurious materials were intentionally selected for ease-of-care and low-maintenance throughout the entire design process. As a home shared by humans and pets alike, materials were chosen like low-pile carpets, hypoallergenic fabrics, natural fibers and coverings that were washable or easily cleaned.

Media and tech requirements added another level of complexity to the design agenda. It is always our philosophy to integrate media components throughout the house without overpowering or distracting focus from the rest of the design efforts.

With such an open feel to this home, strides were made to make each room feel special with its own character and charm; giving the client a finished ensemble that is a unique mix of a Adirondack panache blended into a rather traditional architectural setting.

Project Year

Winter of 2016


9 months