What We Delivered

Carefully breathing life back into a traditional, Mid-century floorplan that was built to entertain.

This beautiful example of a 1950’s open floorplan nestled in the heart of Ohio, showcases a classic mid-century home with a past and a present. These homes are meant to be experienced through comfortable furnishings that fit their history, but embrace the here-and-now and the next big party.

For this larger-than-life client with a plethora of legitimate, antique furniture pieces that were reimagined for this home, the main objective was to make sure we ended up with a finished space that was anything but boring, traditional, or expected.

The client knew what she wanted from the very beginning. Our task was to steer conversation, while also being a constant voice of reassurance in helping her find confidence in executing her visions. This ultimately allowed her concepts and wishes to see the light of day, versus going in a direction that she might have thought was expected of her traditionally-styled home.

Every color, pattern, texture, and fabric decision was poured over with painstaking thought and care – with intense dialogue – for an end result that is truly a collaboration for the ages. With a client that has a discerning eye for detail, alongside a home built with an appreciation for the refinement and practicality of everyday life, the main goal was to stay true to its original spirit, and celebrate the everyday splendor of a great home.

Project Year

Fall of 2016


1 year