What We Delivered

A culmination of the idea of living in Paris while entertaining an afternoon tea party.

All children love to have a space that reflects their own personality. So when a project is coupled with the enthusiasm of one who has already garnered a big personality at such a young age, you can see, that is reflected in the finished product of this “Parisian Apartment”.

By taking the initial concept of Paris given to us by this young client, we managed to give her a look that could be built upon as she grows into her teen-years, while still being able to layer this space with all of the memories that progress through adolescence.

The most unique element to the entire project was the introduction of: Trompe-l’œil Wall Treatments – an art technique using realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. By creating something much more intricate using this old-world technique in such a modern setting, and injecting it with a fun, youthful approach to the entire space, we were able to generate a look with an air of sophistication.

The colors and patterns were specifically chosen to evoke femininity, while keeping in mind not to overwhelm the senses with too youthful of a palette. The mixture of styles and textures was tailor-made for this room to gracefully transition through the years with its vibrant inhabitant.

Project Year

Spring of 2015


4 months